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Bullet Proof Marketing Plan
Concept | Objectives | Lead Gen Sites | Loyalty Systems | Process | ROI

The Bullet Proof plan includes both Mortgage and Real Estate lead generation sites designed as derivatives of a master custom site. Each site launched will target 180 keywords per local market, per industry.

Mortgage Lead Gen Sites

Each site to be modeled after the most successful mortgage sites on the net

Real Estate Lead Gen Sites

Each site to feature lead generation systems for your business so that you

  • Control the process with the borrower
  • Breed Realtor’s loyalty by bringing them the leads
  • Build a database of borrower’s to refinance
  • Brand your company

Custom Master Site Design and Hosting

  • Unique Content Acquisition
  • Custom Marketing Messaging
  • Calyx Compatible Secure 1003
  • Quick Quote form
  • Mini-application
  • Real Time Rates
  • Daily Market update/snapshot
  • Realtor Networking System
  • Realtor Directory
  • MLS Listings on site
  • System for listings emailed to prospects and other realtors daily
  • CMA – Real Time House Values Lead Form
  • 15 Mortgage Calculators
  • Live Online Chat Support – Software for in house, Outsource optional
  • Fresh mortgage articles monthly
  • 180 Content Pages

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