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Customer: Hugh McLellan
Need: Increased visibility, online credibility and competitive advantage
Solution: Professional site design, Secure 1003, Monthly newsletter and real estate networking tools
Product(s): Smart Marketing Package, PPC management
Budget: Less than $1500
Results: Traffic generated within 72 hours of launch of site, 2 leads on the first day!

Customer: Stanley Livingston
Need: Professional site, quick source of quality leads to establish business in new City and State.
Solution: Complete site concept, design and implementation, advertising placed in Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Google for "niche" mortgage and refinance search terms Geo-Targeting the state of Colorado
Product(s): Smart Marketing Package, PPC management
Budget: Less than $2500
Results: And we quote, "I have received more leads with you in my first month than I did in over a year with Myers Internet. Thank you!"
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