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Direct Mail

«95% of people refinancing 

use the Internet for research»  

	    - Mortgage Bankers Association


Highly Motivated...
Provocative, time-tested mail pieces...they call You!


Instant Credibility...
Bring borrower data immediately to your computer screen with each incoming call. Proprietary technology that increases your sales and gives you automatic rapport.


Turn Key...
Full service from your order to their mailbox.


Individual Consultation...
With our loan origination background and experience we work with you to build a customized marketing campaign. Tell us your strengths and goals; we will help you achieve pipeline objectives.


Current Data...
Millions of borrower profiles - nationwide! Our privately held database is one of the largest in the US and is updated regularly.


System designed to track and record responses. Training DVD and sales techniques to help you maximize your conversion ratio and marketing dollars.


Highly Targeted...
FICO score, debt load, lender specific, loan amount, FHA, VA, sub prime, property characteristics and much more...


Automated Appraisals...
LTV established by an exclusively designed model to "weight individual" comps for an unprecedented value accuracy, created by a top appraiser and refined over ten years, title comps are a thing of the past.

Access to this feature alone is worth an entire campaign.

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