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Our Philosophy

Superior Internet Solutions’ entire persona is specifically designed to grow your business. Our philosophy is to get behind you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals and drive you to your highest level of success. We want to assist you in achieving your goals with effective marketing solutions, forcing you to succeed. We will push your thinking to new levels, create new ideas, think out of the box and work your plan - getting you results is what motivates everyone at Superior Internet Solutions.

By helping enough Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers get what they want this year, we will ride on their coattails in their success soaring to new heights and our own level of higher financial rewards. This is why we are in business. This is why we specialize in your industry. This is why we understand your industry and provide you with what you need better than any firm in your business.

About our approach – why be online if you aren’t seeing measurable and meaningful returns?

If your Internet Strategy is not generating good qualified leads, getting the applications, getting the phone calls, streamlining your application process or at least building a list of your customers that visit your site online, what is it doing for you?

If your customer's can't find you when researching online, what are they doing? Where do they go? Or worse, what happens when they do get there and it doesn't meet their needs?

It is no secret that in today's market every loan officer and mortgage broker needs a successful Internet strategy to make the difference in your bottom-line. The Internet is not new anymore. It is no mystery, and it is not sacred.

The industry now has years of data on your customer's behavior online.

Young users, senior users, high or low income, mothers, fathers, parents, CEOs, business owners, etc. We know their needs, fears, desires, likes, dislikes, activities, habit patterns, favorite places, how they search for you, and we know what they expect from your industry online.

A profitable Internet strategy in the Mortgage business requires a comprehensive, customer centric approach, tailored specifically to the needs of your niche market across these 3 platforms.

#1) Professional web site: Your customer's expect your business to have a professional web site with meaningful content that answers their questions, provides a convenient, secure form to apply online and entices them to contact you for more information.

#2) Search engines: Your customer's expect to be able to find your business easily. If they can't type your name, your companies name or a phrase about your business in AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google or their favorite search engine and find you, then they are frustrated and you are losing business.

#3) Automated brand awareness and customer loyalty with e-mail follow up systems: Your customer's expect you to keep in touch with them and keep them abreast of events, news, products, and specials via e-mail in the form of newsletters, announcements, offers and contests or discounts. And they expect the e-mail in full color with images, your brand, links to more information on your niche products, forms to evaluate the home loan that is right for them, forms to analyze their refinance solutions and risks, forms to get rate updates, quick quotes and most importantly forms to refer you business for taking such good care of them.

For more information we can be reached toll free at 888.968.8808 or via Fax: 760.450.0339.

Give us a call and watch your business Soar with Superior Service, Support & Results.


Scott Kirkpatrick

Founder and CEO


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