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«95% of people refinancing 

use the Internet for research»  

	    - Mortgage Bankers Association


Search engines provide you with one of, if not the, most targeted form of marketing for your mortgage company in the modern world.

As a mortgage broker you can target interested prospects in their local market (at the city level), state wide market, on a national basis and by specific product. If you specialize in bad credit mortgages and your mortgage company is located in California, you should be the first mortgage broker your customer sees when they type in "California bad credit loan" in the almighty Google.

Search engine marketing puts mortgage brokers in the front lines of the client acquisition war. You can and should be there, customers expect to find the most qualified mortgage brokers in the top 5 listings of search results.

If you’d like the most aggressive search engine marketing available for your mortgage company then bullet proof your sales and marketing plan this year with our Bullet Proof Mortgage Marketing Plan engineered for you to completely dominate the mortgage broker and real estate related search terms by city, state and product in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and other minor search engines.

If you are looking to maximize your local market only and support your local offline marketing then the Smart Marketing Package is designed specifically to match your mortgage marketing goals.


More about search engine marketing and the mortgage broker

No other marketing technique enables you to target prospects that are seeking you or your services on their terms. All other media markets by chance, if you will, the chance that someone looking for a mortgage is reading the paper, the yellow pages, listening to the radio, watching television or reading their direct mail.

With search engines on the other hand the mortgage broker can capture people that are looking for them on their terms. Why do you think that lead companies can provide leads at such a reasonable price? The answer is they are targeting the most interested prospects available and they are only paying for interested people, not spraying the local market with wasteful marketing.

If lead companies are there, shouldn’t you be? To bypass lead companies and use search engines to brand you as the mortgage broker in your state learn about our Bullet Proof Mortgage Marketing Plan, to dominate your local market at the city level try our Smart Marketing Package.

If you already have a web site Superior Internet Solutions can trouble shoot your search engine marketing challenge with our Diagnose Your Web Site package, provide a Quick Fix to your site, provide more exposure by enhancing your link popularity with Up Link or simply manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns in Google AdWords, Yahoo’s Overture, Kanoodle, and 123 Search.

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