Mobile Design and Marketing

Because nearly all people own a unit of mobile phones and a large number of these users are actually checking their mobiles every time a message is received.

  • Mobile phones are the most innovative means of communication.

  • Mobile phones are always carried wherever the consumers go.

  • Most model of mobile phones have a built-in payment system.

  • Mobile phones are always turned on – it’s the easiest and quickest way to communicate with customers.

  • Mobile phones allow precise analysis and evaluation of results.

  • Mobile phones are the latest obsession (literally, people are addicted to their phones!), nearly ever yone owns at least one smartphone.
    Mobile phones are the next mass medium.

Simply put, it’s almost impossible for your advertising campaign to be ignored. When people see a TV commercial they don’t like, they’d simply change channels. Print ads on newspapers are often disregarded unless you’d pay for the entire page of a broadsheet. Website ads are good but not all people own a computer at home and people complain a lot about slow and crappy internet connection. So, if you want maximum exposure for your business, mobile marketing is the key to your success.

Mobile users bring their phones anywhere they go, and they read a message as soon as they receive it, the result of your campaign is almost instant.

Send them a simple advertising message. Ex. “Hi Kate! We will be giving away discounts on plenty of designer items today. Come and visit our store now!”

Isn’t that simple message more effective than other forms of advertisements that cost thousands or even millions of dollars? Simple but everything you want to say is there. Remember that most of consumers nowadays are too busy to read long messages, so keep it polite and straightforward.

Mobile Marketing has completely changed how people can do business online. Never before has direct engagement with your customer base and possible future leads been so easy, viral and exciting.