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«95% of people refinancing 

use the Internet for research»  

	    - Mortgage Bankers Association


Since becoming a member of "the family" I have seen a substantial increase in my business. The best thing about the program is you get the leads fast. The potential borrowers love it when you get to them quick because it eliminates any waiting around. With my current closing percentage between 25-35%, it is a win-win situation. I would suggest anyone thinking about joining to just do it.

S. May
First Northwest Mortgage


We have had at least one new application as a direct response to the newsletter each time that it goes out. In addition, we always get good feedback and It provides us another way to stay in front of our past clients and referral sources.

T. Flesner
Stern Mortgage


Superior Internet Solutions is my solution to Marketing my business! Thanks for all your help on building my business. You guys are so efficient and really follow through to ensure success. Thanks for all that you do!

Christina Lewis
New World Mortgage


Thank you! I had 2 deals on the fence this week and within minutes of receiving your newsletter I pulled a 1003 for each of them - and I got 2 new quick app referrals.

B. Hoyt
Denver, CO


I am very pleased with my website and service from Superior Internet Solutions. We have received lots of compliments on site from clients and have generated more applications with the improved site.

Marty Miller
Kingsport, TN


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"If you aren't working with Superior yet, you can't afford to wait any longer.
I challenge you as a fellow Mortgage Broker to contact Superior now,
I waited and it cost me thousands!"

Bill Feld
Great Southwest