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One component of success in marketing your site online via the major search engines is your linking strategy. In addition to lending to your success in acheiving good placement in Google, Yahoo and MSN, back links - or links pointing from someone else's web site to your web site, can be a meaningful source of traffic as well.

About Google's Page Rank

Google has created a system for ranking web sites in their algorithm that is called Page Rank. Named after Google founder Larry Page, the system is designed to assign a "rank" or a "value" to your site based on the "popularity" or "number of links" pointing to your site. Essentially, if a web site links to another site, that reference is considered a "vote" from web site A for web site B.

  • Naturally, Google has taken it to the next level and indicated that if site A is linking to site B and site A is in a related industry to site B, then it is an even stronger vote
  • But Page and the boys didn't just stop there. They set up the system so that if site A is linking to site B, and site A is in a related industry to site B, and site A has a lot of related industry links pointing back to itself, that is an even stronger vote for the popularity (and associated search engine ranking) from site A, to site B.

Now regardless of whether or not this was explained well enough in the example, the bottom line is that to achieve good, solid search engine placement, you need other sites to link to your site. However, these sites that link to you cannot be part of "link farms," "bad neighborhoods," "adult content," etc. They must be carefully crafted, researched, well positioned partnerships from one site to another with the intention of increasing one another's business and reputation online. Not just achieving search engine placement.

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