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Why Email Marketing

«95% of people refinancing 

use the Internet for research»  

	    - Mortgage Bankers Association


E-mail marketing gives you the ability to analyze the success of your campaigns and optimize future campaigns based upon measured results. Our advanced opt-in email mortgage marketing tool, tracks the interests and preferences of your customers and turbo charges your marketing efforts with the power to send personalized, relevant emails to each contact in your database.

The benefits of the Referral Hound:

  • Generate increased profits
  • Save money with a proven mortgage marketing tool
  • Track the success of all marketing efforts
  • Get 10x the response of direct mail and
  • Send the right message, to the right customer, with the right offer, at the right time and get the right response - guaranteed!

You can use your Permission Based Email marketing system to:

  • Identify and retain your best customers
  • Address and target each customer's unique needs
  • Increase your list (database) of customers, prospects, members and subscribers
  • Drive sales while cutting costs

Superior Internet Solutions publishes mortgage email newsletters with a variety of angles on a monthly basis for mortgage brokers to use as a loyalty-marketing tool for their client base. Currently the monthly format includes a variety of topics ranging from refinancing tips to the top 10 mistakes that first time buyers make. The secret to success in loyalty marketing is grouping your database into related segments and providing them valuable information month in month out.

For example:

  • Market updates and real time rate snapshots
  • How to choose a mortgage broker
  • Top 10 mistakes first time buyers make
  • The content is appropriate for consumers and realtors
  • Links to lead generation tools on your site
  • Links to your secure 1003 application in the actionable environment


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